Baggage, don’t worry about it anymore

Every wonderful journey with STARLUX provides you with a free Carry-on and Checked baggage allowance. You can choose the fare product that meets your baggage needs. The allowance for economy class can be up to 35 kg, and for business class up to 45 kg. Meanwhile, if you have more extra baggage allowance needs, you can prepay for additional baggage service on the STARLUX website or App, which is 20% less compared to the price at the airport.

Prepaid Additional Baggage Tariff

Between Zone 1/Each kilogram Zone 2/Each kilogram
Zone 1/Each kilogram USD 8 USD 16
Zone 2/Each kilogram USD 16 USD 32
Zone 1 : Taiwan, Macao, Philippines
Zone 2 : Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
*The above table is for reference only. The actual amount depends on each ticket rules and charge in local currency.
  • Receive a 20% discount on prepaid additional baggage service through the STARLUX website or App until 3 hours before flight departure.
  • Prepaid additional baggage allowance is based on each flight segment and limited to one time per segment.
  • Prepaid additional baggage is measured in units of 1 kg (maximum 32kgs for each piece of baggage). The limitation of prepaid additional baggage allowance for each flight segment is a total of 50 kgs per person.
  • The prepaid additional baggage allowance cannot be transferred after purchasing.
  • After purchase is completed, prepaid additional baggage can be refunded or changed to new flight with same route without additional charge. Once prepaid additional baggage is fully used or partially used, it will be non-refundable, non-transferable and unchangeable.
  • Please note that if you take less baggage than the amount of prepaid additional baggage purchased, the unused portion is non-refundable and non-transferable. Prepaid additional baggage fee is non-refundable once you’ve started your trip. 
  • Prepaid additional baggage only for normal or standard size of checked baggage. Pet(s) and cabin seat baggage (CBBG) which are not qualified for the prepaid additional baggage allowance. Refer to "Special Baggage" for more details. Please make sure that the size and weight of the baggage meets STARLUX policy before purchasing additional baggage. Refer to "Bulky and Oversized Baggage" for more details.