Accrual Mileage

Fly with STARLUX Airlines. Refer to following chart, you can learn how much you earn from different rates of mileage with different classes. Remember to input your Member ID when booking. Three days after flying, the mileage will accrue automatically.

Class Economy Class Business Class
Fare Product LimitedSavingBasicFullSavingBasicFull
Reservation Booking Designator QN S VL M KH B YDCJ
Accrual Mileage
Accrual Sector

Please Note

  • Mileage shall be accrued on the basis of the member’s travel on flights operated by STARLUX upon issuance of the member account.
  • Notwithstanding, as the data transmission can take 1 to 3 days, the mileage will be accrued to the member’s account automatically within 3 days after the member’s travel. The travel record up to 6 months prior to the member’s enrollment may be included in the accrual upon request.
  • The application for mileage retro may be filed with COSMILE via STARLUX website or App within 12 months upon expiration of 3 days after the actual date of travel. Any application filed beyond said time limit will not be accepted.
  • Mileage shall be accrued based on the Ticketed Point Mileage published by IATA and the fare products as purchased.
  • The accrual mileage and sectors shall not apply to the following: cabin baggage, extra seat, limited fare product, award ticket, special fare and discount tickets, charter tickets, group tickets, infant fare tickets and any tickets other than those issued by STARLUX or conjunction tickets.
  • The mileage accrual for upgrade award shall be accrued based on the booking class of the fare product purchase.
  • In order to ensure the mileage accrual, please book with the English name shown on your passport and member account. Also, please advise your Member ID upon reservation and check-in.
  • The mileage accrual is accrued based on the booking class or cabin class whichever lower taken by the member.
  • STARLUX reserves the right to review and determine the accrual mileage.