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STARLUX Airlines AIRBUS A321neo

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STARLUX built the first-ever AIRBUS A321Neo in Taiwan at the highest standard to show respect for the first aircraft of the fleet and show its insistence and demand for delicate services.

AIRBUS A321 neo

Cabin Design

Designed by the Designworks team of BMW, in the central idea of “Cozy Like Home” with “pure tea” as the key color concept, the cold cabin has become a warm and elegant environment like a sip of a cup of fine tea, with endless aftertaste.

Seating Plan

seat map

Business Class Seats

Economy Class Seats

Model Specification

Passenger capacity 8 Business Class / 180 Economy Class
Length 44.51 m
Wingspan 35.8 m
Max Range 7,400 Km
Engine CFM LEAP-1A30