Carriage of Live Animals


Accompanying pets, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits may be transported on STARLUX aircraft as checked baggage in the load compartment, provided:

  • The animals must be healthy, harmless, clean, and odorless;
  • Pregnant animals and animals younger than ten (10) weeks are not accepted for carriage;
  • The animals are safely contained in a leak, escape, and claw-proof container or cage;
  • Animal import and export regulations vary by countries or local airport authorities. Passengers must understand the relevant regulations and prepare all necessary documents, such as export/import/transit permits, health/vaccination certificates, etc. Please refer to Airports and Transportation for further information. Please note that regulations are subject to official regulations. STARLUX cannot be held liable for refusal of entry into, or transit through any country.

    Note: According to Macau quarantine regulations and for the safe transport of pets, STARLUX Airlines does not allow transportation of pets together with passengers on the flights to Macau during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pets may be transported by air cargo. For air cargo service, please contact STARLUX CARGO

  • STARLUX accepts only service animals to be carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft if permitted by local regulations of the destination with no extra charge.
  • STARLUX will not accept the below flat-faced dogs or cats, including any crossbreeds, as AVIH (animal vivant in hold) :

    1. Dog
      1. Affenpinscher
      2. Boston Terrier
      3. Boxer (all breeds)
      4. Brussels Griffon
      5. Bulldog (all breeds)
      6. Bull Terrier
      7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
      8. Chow Chow
      9. Dogue de Bordeaux
      10. English Toy Spaniel
      11. Pug (all breeds)
      12. Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel
      13. Lhasa Apso
      14. Mastiff (all breeds)
      15. Pekingese
      16. Presa Canario
      17. Shar Pei
      18. Shih Tzu
      19. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
      20. Tibetan Spaniel
      21. American Pit Bull
      22. American Staffordshire Terrier
      23. Dogo Argentina
      24. Fila Brasiliera
      25. Japanese Tosa
      26. Cane Corso
    2. Cat
      1. British Shorthair
      2. Burmese
      3. Exotic Shorthair
      4. Himalayan Cat
      5. Persian Cat
      6. Scottish Fold

Pet Container Requirements

  • Leak, escape, and claw-proof.
  • Container is secured and constructed such that that there is no risk of the animal escaping, injuring itself, and causing damage to other loads.
  • Container must be large enough so that the animal can stand upright, turn, or lie down in comfort.
  • Container is easily recognizable.
  • Container is fit for air transportation permitting handling without the risk of the animal being offensive or harming the handling agent.
  • Ventilation openings on more than one side to ensure good ventilation, the size of the ventilation opening must be narrow enough to prevent the pet's nose or paws from protruding outside the container.
  • Any wheels attached to the container must be removed prior to check-in.
  • Covered with moisture absorbing material at the bottom.
  • Separate food and water troughs must be provided and must be easily accessible for replenishment in the case of delay.
  • Only one animal per container is allowed for carriage with the total weight of the animal and the container not over 50 kg(110 lbs).
  • The container shall not exceed the maximum space:
    Aircraft Type The container shall not exceed the maximum space:
    A321 130 * 90 * 70 cm
    51 * 35 * 27 inches
  • Dimension OF Container

    Length = A + 1/2(B)。 
    Width = C x 2。
    Height = D

  • Dimension of Container

    A = length of the animal from the tip of its nose to the base/root of its tail.
    B = height from the ground to its elbow joint.
    C = width across its shoulders or its widest point, whichever is greater. 
    D = height of the animal in its natural standing position, from the top of its head or ear tip to the floor, whichever is higher.

    STARLUX may not be able to carry the animal if the container does not meet the above requirements.


Pets including their containers accepted as checked baggage shall be calculated as excess baggage and are not permitted to be included in the free baggage allowance. However, service animal such as guide dog is free of charge when accompanying a passenger who must depend upon it.

  • Pet and its container will be charged on total actual weight based on Excess Baggage Charge Rate. Example: Passenger traveling with a pet weighing 15kg (with container) from Taipei to Macao shall be charged USD$150. (15kg (weight) X USD$10 (excess baggage fee per kg from Taipei to Macao) = USD$150. Please check the excess baggage charge table for respective fee.
  • Please contact the STARLUX Customer Service Center 24 hours before flight departure or request through the Web Forms on STARLUX website 48 hours before flight departure.