Online Check-in Information

You can perform online check-in on STARLUX Website and access your boarding pass easily between 48 and 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time to save your time at the airport.

  • To enhance customer service, the online check-in time will be extended to 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight departure time from 2020/12/1 to 2021/6/30.
    Note: If you have bags to check in, please complete baggage drop at least 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure time.

If you have completed online check-in but were unable to access a boarding pass, please arrive at the airport counter to obtain a boarding pass and to check your bags at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

If you have obtained a boarding pass online:

  • Have bags to check in:
      Please arrive check-in counter at least 1 hour before scheduled departure time to complete baggage drop.
  • Have no bags to check in:
      Please be at boarding gate 40 minutes before scheduled departure time and have your travel documents checked by our staff.

    • Steps for Online Check-in

      • STEP 1. Retrieve your booking by either of the following methods and read and confirm you have acknowledged the regulation of dangerous goods:

        1. Enter your booking reference (reservation number), last name, and first name.
        2. Enter your eTicket number, last name, and first name.
      • STEP 2. Confirm flight information.

      • STEP 3. Fill out passenger information.

      • STEP 4. Get boarding pass.

      • STEP 5. Finish check-in.

    • Online check-in is unavailable in the following circumstances:

      1. Passengers with special requests (such as unaccompanied minors, stretcher, or other medical assistance). 
      2. Group passengers (10 or more passengers on one single booking record).
      3. Passengers whose booking status are unconfirmed. 
      4. Passengers whose booking records do not contain eTicket information.
    • Passengers who are eligible for online check-in but need to obtain a boarding pass at the airport counter:

      1. Passengers traveling with pets as checked baggage.
      2. Passengers traveling with an infant.
      3. Passengers selecting an emergency exit seat.
      4. Passengers purchasing tickets by phone with a credit card must complete the credit card inspection at the airport.
      5. Due to regulations of the local airport authorities.
      6. Passengers who being considered in need of special service from STARLUX.
    • Other Information:

      Due to various policies and regulations of the local airport authorities, you may not be permitted to use online or mobile QR boarding pass, or use one device to display more than one person’s mobile QR boarding passes during the inspection processes, in which cases you will be required to return to the check-in counter and obtain a printed boarding pass.