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Clark, a cultural city full of American lifestyle

Clark, a district in Angeles City, was an important stronghold of the U.S. military in the Pacific War. This history enriches Clark with American styles. The city is even described as "the USA in Asia". Situated only about 80 kilometers away from Manila, Clark's convenient transportation makes it a hub for international tourism and business and an ideal gateway to travel within the Philippines.

Exploring Clark

In the city center, Nayong Pilipino shows the divided history of the pre-colonial and postcolonial periods, allowing tourists to experience other cultures and history. The Aqua Planet, known as the largest water park in Southeast Asia, consists of 14 themed areas, from a parent-child paddling pool to exhilarating water slides, allowing all ages to stay refreshed in the Philippines, where the weather is summer all year round. Flying an ultralight aircraft is also a popular activity to experience Clark. You can soar in the limitless sky and overlook the city scenery. Speaking of which, The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in February, the longest-running aviation sports event in Asia, should definitely be on your to-do list. In addition to riding hot air balloons, there are plenty of wonderful air sports, such as skydiving, paragliding competitions, and airshows at this world-famous festival.

Clark is also abundant in natural resources. Mount Pinatubo is a local active volcano. Its crater lake has now become a holiday resort in the Philippines, which is ideal for a one-day trip to experience the magnificence of nature while strolling among spectacular mountains covered in volcanic ashes. The Hundred Islands, caused by long-term coastal erosion, consists of 124 islands and has become the most famous national park in the Philippines. Tourists can enjoy various types of activities on the islands, such as cave exploring, snorkeling, and cliff jumping.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone is also a popular tourist area with a long coastline and tropical rainforests, which was initially established as a special economic zone after the withdrawal of the U.S. military and is currently transformed into a shopping area that indulges tourists with American-styled outlets, duty-free shops, and high-end hotels. The most Instagrammable site is undoubtedly the inflatable waterpark, which provides various inflatable toys, colorful parasols, and bean bags to create eye-catching posts on social media. The Zoobic Safari is a great face-to-face experience for tourists to interact with tigers over a short distance. Uncommon animals such as binturongs, pythons, and scops owls can also be seen there.

The best travel season

Clark has better air quality and weather compared to Manila. The year is mainly divided into dry and wet seasons. The dry season from November to April is the tourist season with the most comfortable weather.

City transportation

Rides with Grab are one of the most common and convenient choices in Clark. If you want to experience the local culture, the jeepney is an option full of local characteristics you can flag down at any time. However, the vehicle only starts when all the seats are occupied, so be prepared to spend more time in traffic. If you plan to visit Manila from Clark during your stay, considering the convenient location, the options are domestic flights, Grab, and a 2.5-hour bus ride.

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Are there any current entry restrictions in Clark?

During the pandemic, the entry restrictions of various countries have been adjusted on a rolling basis. Kindly remind you that please be sure to check the entry restrictions of your destination and prepare relevant documents before your departure. For details, please refer to the latest travel restrictions.

When can I fly to Clark with a lower fare?

You can plan your trip by taking the reference of the lowest fares found by travelers within the latest 48 hours. Log in as a COSMILE member at the time of ticket purchase to earn mileage upon completing your flight.

How many flights are there to Clark every week?

STARLUX Airlines offers flights from Taipei and Los Angeles to Clark. You can check the detailed flight dates and information via timetable.

How far is Clark International Airport from downtown?

The Clark International Airport (CRK) locates in Angeles City. It's 10 kilometers from downtown Clark City and 80 kilometers from Manila City. STARLUX Airlines reminds you that please make a good plan of the means of transportation heading to the downtown area in advance.

How to get from the airport to downtown?

After passengers land at the Clark International Airport (CEB), catching a grab is the most comfortable way to the city center. If passengers plan to visit Subic Bay, Bagui, or other cities located in the northern Philippines, arranging a chartered vehicle is a better way to transport.