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*Fares displayed have been collected within the last 48hrs and may no longer be available at the time of booking. Additional fees and charges for optional products and services may apply.

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Okinawa, Japanese Hawaii

Okinawa is an island chain located in the southernmost part of Japan. In ancient times, it was an independent country called the Ryukyu Kingdom which developed its own unique culture. Okinawa is in the subtropical region with hot summer weather all year round and is nicknamed Japanese Hawaii. The bright sunshine, clear sea and blue sky attract tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Exploring Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture consists of 160 islands scattered in the sea like pearls and each has its own style. Kouri Island is known as the "island of love", Tinu Beach is famous for its heart-shaped rocks; the Uegusuku Castle Ruins on Kume Island were built as a mountain castle at the highest point of the Island, which allows a panoramic view of the vitality and style of Kume Island. The legend of "ishiiri" of Senaga Island attracts couples to pray for safe and smooth childbirth, and with the opening of the white open-air shopping mall, Umikaji Terrace, against the backdrop of the seascape, Senaga Island is filled with the leisure vacation elements like that in Greece. The blue ocean and white sandy beaches of Miyako, Ishigaki and Kerama Islands are intertwined, which also creates a fairyland making everyone indulge themselves in pleasures.

Okinawa was once ruled by the Ryukyu Kingdom which built Shuri Castle as its royal palace. The Castle in its vermilion colored surface inherits the glorious history and culture, and has been registered as one of the world cultural heritages. Churaumi Aquarium restores the ecological environment to its fullest to raise and shelter marine creatures such as whale sharks and giant oceanic manta rays that demonstrate the amazement and colorfulness of the underwater world. Manzamo is a national park located in Onna of the west coast of Okinawa Island, where under the gentle sea breeze you can witness the wonder of nature, infinite blue ocean and vast green grassland. No matter what type of travel style you are in, there always is something for everyone in Okinawa.

Kokusai Dori Street in Okinawa Island is the busiest street in the downtown of Okinawa Prefecture, with everything from lavish restaurants to affordable snacks or boutique items to inexpensive clothing. You can first go for a treasure hunt at Don Quixote and Daikoku, then go to Yataimura and Daiichi Makishi Public Market to enjoy gourmets, which have become a must-see when visiting Okinawa, the island of eternal summer in the south.

The best travel season

Okinawa has a subtropical climate with warm temperatures and abundant rainfall throughout the year. Between March and April, the temperature falls around 20°C, which is a more comfortable period for visiting by tourists, while between December and March is the whale watching season, which is also a popular travel season.

City transportation

Due to the narrow and long land of Okinawa, the most common of transportation is to rent a car which allows the enjoyment of overlooking the blue sea and sky while driving on the spacious road. When you are in the downtown area, you can also take the monorail or bus which has intensively frequent schedules, and by using the appropriate ticket pass, you can enjoy unlimited rides of public transportation.

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Are there any current entry restrictions in Okinawa?

During the pandemic, the entry restrictions of various countries have been adjusted on a rolling basis. Kindly remind you that please be sure to check the entry restrictions of your destination and prepare relevant documents before your departure. For details, please refer to the latest travel restrictions.

When can I fly to Okinawa with a lower fare?

You can plan your trip by taking the reference of the lowest fares found by travelers within the latest 48 hours. Log in as a COSMILE member at the time of ticket purchase to earn mileage upon completing your flight.

How many flights are there to Okinawa every week?

STARLUX Airlines offers daily flights from Taipei and Los Angeles to Okinawa. You can check the detailed flight dates and information via timetable.

How many international airports are there in Okinawa?

Naha Airport (OKA) is the main aviation hub in Okinawa. There are dozens of stores in the two terminals that sell all kinds of food and souvenirs.

How far is Okinawa Naha Airport from downtown?

Naha Airport (OKA) is located near the downtown area of Okinawa, and it is only about 15 minutes’ drive. Kindly remind you to plan your transportation to the city before departure.

How to get from the airport to downtown?

Renting a car is a common way of transportation in Okinawa. Many cars renting companies provide pickup services at the airport, allowing you to leave immediately for your destinations upon arriving at Naha Airport. Public transportation in Okinawa is also simple and easy. You can take monorail and buses from Naha, which is a cheap and convenient way to travel from the airport to the city.

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