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The United States has been ranked the world's most powerful country for a long time, leading the global financial stock market, political economy, and cultural development. With a vast land area, whether it is New York on the East Coast, Chicago in the Midwest, Dallas in the South Central, or San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle on the West Coast, each exhibits its own characteristics and is worth visiting more than once.


In addition to the classic American cuisines such as burgers, French fries, pizzas and steaks, different regions of the United States have their own signature dishes to represent their culture. Low-fat diet is a trendy choice on the West Coast, stores selling juice smoothies, salads, and light meals can be seen everywhere. With unique barbeque sauces that represent different districts, people in the South have an appetite for strong-flavored dishes. Along with the popular dishes in New York, the Buffalo chicken wings, Boston lobster, and New England lobster burgers are also must-eat cuisines that gourmets cannot miss in the East of the United States.


With a vast land area, United States is blessed with rich natural resources for tourism. For nature lovers, get ready to be awed by the world-class natural wonders when visiting Niagara Falls, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone National Park. If you are a “theme park person", you will not be disappointed by the fascinating rides and shows at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, and Houston, the space city, attract tourists from all over the world with its unique characteristics. No matter what type of traveler you are, you can surely find a lot of fun here in the United States.


The United States is composed of many immigrants from Mexico, India, China, the Philippines and other countries; hence it shows diverse characteristics in religious beliefs and cultural customs, and unique slangs have also been developed in various areas. Sport holds a special place in the United States, and being the three most popular sports events here, MLB, NFL and NBA captivate fans from all over the world with top notch athletes and exciting matches. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two major holidays and shopping seasons in the United States. It is also the perfect time for people to gather with their families and celebrate the holidays together at the end of the year.

Search for direct flights of STARLUX Airlines to plan a trip to United States, and enjoy a safe and high-quality flight experience worth to be treasured in your heart!


Which airports does STARLUX fly to in the United States?

STARLUX Airlines provides daily flights to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and three flights a week to and from San Francisco International Airport(SFO) from Dec 16. You can check the timetable for detailed flight dates and information.

How many direct flights are there from Taiwan to the United States every week?

To Los Angeles: daily flights.
To San Francisco: three flights per week from Dec 16.

You can check the detailed information through the timetable.

How much is the fare to the United States?

STARLUX Airlines provides daily flights between Asia and Los Angeles, and will offer three flights per week between Asia and San Francisco from Dec 16. The airline fare will vary depending on the flight date, fare portfolio, and availability of seats.

How to track flights from Taiwan to the United States?

Download the STARLUX APP to track flight information and COSMILE member discounts, and accumulate mileage after completing the flight. STARLUX Airlines will update the latest flight schedule in real-time, and always keep an eye on the flight information from Taiwan to Vietnam for you. Download the STARLUX APP now and start a safe trip!