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Ho Chi Minh City, the romantic little Paris of the East

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is the largest city and economic, transportation and trade center in Vietnam. In the past, it was colonized by France and was known as the "Little Paris of the East". In its neighborhoods, the French style and the Vietnamese artistic conception are ingeniously combined, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit such unique cultural textures.

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City shimmers with the charm of Western civilization. The Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon is built with red bricks imported from France, so it is also known as the "Red Church". Throughout the passage of time, its charm has not been mitigated. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church features dreamy pink exterior walls with delicate white sculptures, adding a touch of tenderness to the solemn sacred sanction. Displaying the French essence to the very details with its light yellow appearance features the dome and stained window design, the Saigon Post Office Center is a place where you might as well write and send a postcard to record your travel story.

The city also shoulders the bitterness of history. The War Remnants Museum displays weapons and wrecks from the Vietnam War, realistically showing the scars and sorrows brought by the war. When crawling forward in the tunnels of Cu Chi, you can vividly the experience the horror under the fire of war. The Independence Palace witnesses the independence of Vietnam and symbolizes the dawn of a new era.

In recent years, elements of creative cultures have been introduced to Ho Chi Minh City. On Book Street, there are more than 20 bookstores selling various classic collections, and occasionally art and cultural activities would be held therein. When you arrive, try to slow down your pace for relaxation and feeling laziness. In addition to dozens of cafes built from the renovated old apartments, there are also various creative cultural shops and studios where the beauty of the old and the new is blended smartly.

During your trip, in addition to tasting traditional food such as Vietnamese Baguette, spring rolls, and pho, you can also visit a French restaurant to savor the delicacies of the fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisines. When the night falls, you can go to Pham Ngu Lao Street to experience the Vietnamese-style passion in the brightly lit street full of bars and pubs.

The best travel season

Ho Chi Minh City is located in a tropical area, and the best travel season is from December to April, in which the local weather is relatively stable with little rain. However, due to the heat throughout the year, kindly remind you to be aware of protection from blazing sunlight.

City transportation

The transportation in Ho Chi Minh City is diverse and convenient. In the urban area, there are more than 60 bus lines that can reach the major attractions at cheap fares. You may rent a scooter if you prefer to explore more about the local culture. In addition, taxis are also a convenient way of transportation when traveling in hot Vietnamese weather, and the major two taxi companies are Mai Linh with the green car body and Vinasun with the white car body.

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Are there any current entry restrictions in Ho Chi Minh City?

During the pandemic, the entry restrictions of various countries have been adjusted on a rolling basis. Kindly remind you that please be sure to check the entry restrictions of your destination and prepare relevant documents before your departure. For details, please refer to the latest travel restrictions.

When can I fly to Ho Chi Minh City with a lower fare?

You can plan your trip by taking the reference of the lowest fares found by travelers within the latest 48 hours. Log in as a COSMILE member at the time of ticket purchase to earn mileage upon completing your flight.

How many flights are there to Ho Chi Minh City every week?

STARLUX Airlines offers daily flights from Taipei and Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City. You can check the detailed flight dates and information via timetable.

How many international airports are there in Ho Chi Minh City?

The international airport in Ho Chi Minh City is Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN), which is the largest airport in Vietnam and provides the most flights. It was built during the French colonial period and has everything travels need despite being small.

How far is Tan Son Nhat International Airport from downtown?

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) is about 7 kilometers away from downtown. Kindly remind you to plan your transportation to the city before departure.

How to get from the airport to downtown?

After arriving at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN), you can take bus lines 152 and 109 to reach downtown. If you travel with a lot of people, you can go downtown by taxi, Grab hailing or arrange a chartered car in advance.

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