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Chiang Mai, the Natural and Mysterious Old City of Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and the political, economic and cultural center of Northern Thailand. It is like an ancient and fascinating treasure of the north, with a rich historical and cultural atmosphere. Located in the mountains at an altitude of 300 meters, it is known as the "Rose of the North" for its warm winter and cool summer environment and climate. This mountain town, enriched with unique culture, spectacular temples and natural wonders, is the perfect destination for a vacation to explore culture and nature, and to relax and calm the mind.

Exploring Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, once the capital of the Lanna dynasty in Thai history, is characterized by a vast historical heritage and is therefore known as the "Treasure Palace of Art and Architecture ". The moment you enter Chiang Mai's ancient city, it is as if you have traveled through a time tunnel to a dream world. The unique architecture, historic temples and traditional streets of the ancient city give Chiang Mai its own unique look. Chiang Mai's old city walls are one of the most iconic landmarks, so take a walk or bike ride along the walls to experience the history and serenity of the city. At night, the lights around the city walls decorate the area, creating a romantic atmosphere. Chiang Mai's old city walls are the pride of the city and a cultural attraction that allows travelers to learn about Chiang Mai's rich history.

Chiang Mai is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, which can be explored through a variety of outdoor activities. Doi Inthanon National Park is Thailand's highest and most famous national park, where you can enjoy spectacular mountain scenery, dense primary forests, crystal clear lakes and the renowned King & Queen Pagoda. Experience the thrill and fun of flying through the jungle with the jungle zipline, and get up close and personal with the beauty of nature. In addition, Chiang Mai has a world-class golf course where golfers can enjoy playing golf in a magnificent setting.

The temples of Chiang Mai are the jewels of culture and faith, as well as sanctuaries for the soul. Viewing the beauty of Chiang May city from the top of Doi Suthep Temple is a tranquil and relaxing experience, while the serenity and solemnity of Wat Phra Singh Temple soothes the inner turmoil. The ancient ruins of Wat Chedi Luang Temple and the huge broken stupa evoke a sense of historical weight and changes. Every visit to the temple is a spiritual journey.

Chiang Mai is warm and colorful at night, and the night market is a must-see for visitors. On Saturdays and Sundays, the night market is the place to go for creative merchandise, with a wide array of stalls displaying handicrafts, textiles and jewelry. Also, you can enjoy authentic Thai food. Chiang Mai is a vibrant and charming city where everyone can find their own unique experience.

The best travel season

SLocated in a tropical area, Chiang Mai has a cool season between November and February, so you can avoid the humidity of the rainy season and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, while also experiencing Chiang Mai's not-to-be-missed festivals, such as the Sky Lantern Festival in November and the Flower Festival in February.
The Chiang Mai Sky Lantern Festival in November is one of the most famous traditional festivals in Northern Thailand, where tens of thousands of people set off sky lanterns to pray to the heavens. The night sky filled with thousands of sky lanterns is very spectacular and beautiful, and has been honored as one of the "Seven Wonders of Thailand", an event with great cultural charm, and a must-see for many travelers as the most romantic celebration in Thailand.
The Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February is a three-day celebration of the blooming of local flowers and the beauty of the season, featuring a wide variety of floral displays and a splendid Ancient City Float Parade, as well as traditional music and dance performances, handicraft markets and food exhibitions. It is a wonderful opportunity for travelers to personally explore the uniqueness of Chiang Mai and learn about Thai culture and art.

City transportation

Songthaew is the most common "hail and ride" mode of transportation in Chiang Mai, charging 10 to 40 baht per ride based on the route, which is ideal for moving short distances within the city; you can also rent a bicycle to roam around Chiang Mai; and if you need to go to the attractions around Chiang Mai, you can choose to charter a taxi, take long-distance buses, or take the train. Overall, Chiang Mai is a very convenient place to get around, so you can choose the appropriate mode of transportation according to your needs.

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When can I fly to Chiang Mai with a lower fare?

You can plan your trip by taking the reference of the lowest fares found by travelers within the latest 48 hours. Log in as a COSMILE member at the time of ticket purchase to earn mileage upon completing your flight.

How many flights are there to and from Chiang Mai every week?

STARLUX Airlines offers 3 weekly flights to and from Chiang Mai. You can check the detailed flight dates and information via timetable.

How many international airports are there in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is currently the only airport in Chiang Mai and is the main aviation hub for the northern region of Thailand. Chiang Mai International Airport offers both domestic and international flights. As one of Thailand's major tourist destinations, Chiang Mai International Airport is the main gateway for visitors to Chiang Mai.

How far is the international airport in Chiang Mai from downtown?

Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) is about 4 kilometers away from downtown Chiang Mai. Kindly remind you to plan your transportation to the city before departure.

How to get from the airport to downtown?

After arriving at Chiang Mai Airport (CNX), you can take Songthaew to the downtown. If you are traveling with friends, you can also order a taxi or chartered car to go directly from the airport to the hotel.

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